Gift Card

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London Snapbacks Gift Card.png

Gift Card

from 30.00

Purchasing this digital gift card creates a unique code. The gift card recipient can enter this code at checkout to subtract the gift card value from their order total.

Please Note: This gift card never expires, can only be used once and partially used gift cards cant be refunded.


Gift cards FAQ

Can I set an expiration date?

No. Gift cards never expire.

Can I split an order between a gift card and a credit card?

Yes. If their order total exceeds the value remaining on their gift card, you can pay the balance using standard payment methods.

Can I use more than one gift card on an order?

Yes. You can apply multiple gift cards to an order.

Can I use less than the full value of my gift card?

When using a gift card, the full value of the gift card is always applied. It isn’t possible to partially redeem a gift card unless the order total is less than the gift card balance.

Can I restrict gift cards to certain items?

No. Gift cards can be used as a payment method for any item or order.

How does the recipient check their balance?

The recipient will receive an initial email with the gift card balance. After entering the gift card code at checkout, they'll see the remaining balance if there is any.

What do I do if I lose my gift card code?

We can resend the gift email notification, just email our team at