Brand Placement Guide

Use this guide to visualise your logo placement on the cap, sizes are guidelines and may vary depending on your design, our team is on hand to assist and we can send you digital samples with your design placement.

Brand Placement Centre Front.jpg
Brand Placement Centre Back.jpg

Centre front

The front of the cap is the main area for embroidery to showcase your design or logo. In general you can embroider the full front however the overall size depends on your actual design.

Centre Back

Fitted caps have a slightly larger area for embroidery and in most cases text will be straight. Adjustable caps have a smaller area and the text will be arched over the back. Not all designs are suitable for the back and text is the best option. 

Brand Placement Sides.jpg
Brand Placement Back.jpg


Both sides of the cap can be embroidered or printed with your design, there is an extra charge for this service (Side Embroidery). Designs to the sides should be kept simple mostly ideal for text. This option is not available for Trucker caps.

Back 1/4

The smallest area for embroidery and the actual size will depend on your design. Unless ordering from our factory programme designs must start from the end inner strap fitting. Please make sure you speak with our team before adding this option to cart.